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PAX East 2012: League of Legends 'Hecarim, the Shadow of War' revealed


PAX East 2012 is officially underway and today we are seeing what Riot Games has to offer with highly acclaimed MOBA League of Legends, but not before the company revealed their upcoming champion: Hecarim, The Shadow of War.

Teased a few days ago, the reveal today confirms what we suspected, Hecarim is a centaur, albeit a undead one.

Hecarim is a "high mobility fighter" with excellent ganking and initiation potential making him a flexible, and viable, character to fill one of the roles in today's meta.

His abilities enable him to move at "frightening speeds", allowing him to close distance rapidly making him a great initiator, or even allowing him to chase down a fleeing enemy or escaping a losing battle.  In addition, his other abilities can disrupt the enemies in a team fight while dealing area of effect damage.  And to top it off, his passive will give him a little extra bonus for each point in Movement speed you acquire.  In short, he will be fast.

Hecarim the shadow of war

Below are Hecarim, the Shadow of War's Abilities and Character Lore:


  • Warpath (Passive) – Hecarim ignores unit collision and gains attack damage equal to a percentage of his bonus movement speed.
  • Rampage – Hecarim cleaves nearby enemies dealing physical damage.
  • Spirit of Dread - Hecarim deals magic damage to nearby enemies for a short duration. Hecarim gains health equal to a percentage of any damage those enemies suffer.
  • Devastating Charge - Hecarim gains increasing movement speed for a short duration. His next attack knocks the target back and deals additional physical damage based on the distance he has traveled since activating the ability.
  • Onslaught of Shadows (Ultimate) - Hecarim summons spectral riders and charges forward, dealing magic damage in a line. Hecarim creates a shockwave when he finishes his charge dealing additional magic damage to nearby enemies causing them to flee in terror.


Since his first sighting on the northwestern shores of Valoran, the towering, armored specter known as Hecarim struck a chilling fear into the hearts of all who laid eyes upon him. No one had ever seen anything like his titanic, ethereal form before, and the mystery of his sudden arrival was deeply unnerving. When Hecarim began to march eastwards, leaving a trail of desolate, lifeless ground behind him, the villagers of the plains fled their homes for the safety of nearby Demacia. In the city's now-overcrowded taverns, rumors about this inhuman phantom spread in hushed whispers. Some claimed that he was the vengeful shade of an ancient warrior, intent on destroying all living beings; one man insisted that they had seen him leading an entire legion of spectral cavalrymen; others still believed him to be the creation of some hateful necromancer. One Demacian commander, seeking to dispel the terror that had gripped the city, assembled a few of his finest soldiers and rode out to turn back or destroy Hecarim.

The commander led his soldiers to stand in Hecarim's path and braced for his assault. As the apparition bore down on them, an overwhelming sensation of dread gripped the warriors. The men, frozen in fear, could only scream as the ghostly titan ran them down, tearing them apart and trampling them beneath his iron hooves. Hecarim turned to the crippled, cowering commander and uttered a chilling statement: ''This is merely the beginning. No mortal army can withstand the might of the Shadow Isles.'' With that, Hecarim departed, resuming his grim march. Driven to insanity by his nightmarish experience, the commander stumbled back to Demacia, where his dire warnings were dismissed as the ravings of a madman. While Hecarim's origin and intent were still a mystery, his destination became clear when he reached the Institute of War and, in a voice both ominous and commanding, demanded entry into the League of Legends.

''You don't understand...the shadows will consume us all...'' - Former Demacian Commander

Right now, Hecarim sounds really damn fun, but be sure to check back for my impressions of the character once I get some hands-on time with him at the Riot booth (if that is indeed what they are showing off).  In the meantime, what are your thoughts so far? 

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