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PAX East 2012: FireFall showfloor walkthrough part 1

In this part of the walkthrough, we get a glimpse of the backstory. Something known as the Melding is attacking a future Earth, and transforms it into areas that are no longer liveable, and it's up to the players to fight back the Melding.

The team has about five years of content for FireFall which is all free and open to players immediately. The game will also be constantly updated, and instead of bundling up new content together and then selling it as an expansion pack, fans will be getting this content free of charge.

Players will also have the option to play in First or Third person, which James explained can be used to your advantage as well. For example he prefers to play Medic in Third Person to have more awareness of his surroundings to heal, but First Person when playing an assault class to keep his enemies always in his crosshairs.

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