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Patch notes for today's Battlefield 4 update on Xbox 360 and PS3

Battlefield 4

In addition to today's Battlefield 4 update on PlayStation 4, both the Xbox 360 and PS3 also received updates today. Although the PS4 version had completely different fixes, the Xbox 360 and PS3 share identical patch notes -- which makes it much easier for me to post. Among the fixes are "general stability improvements" and a reduction to the probabilty of "Kill trading," or when two players fire at each other and seemingly both die at the same time.

Below are the patch notes for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 Battlefield 4 update:

  • General stability improvements. 
  • Fixed one of the most frequently occurring crashes that could happen during round transition. 
  • Reduced the probability of the “Kill trade” issue (see below for details). 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when bringing up the scoreboard. 
  • Fix for player tags not always showing quickly enough. This could often lead to confusion or team kills on Hardcore servers. 
  • Populated servers are now by default placed on the top in the Server Browser, where previously empty servers would be shown.
  • Servers that friends are playing on have a higher priority in the server list. 
  • -Fixed the instance where players suddenly would transition into Spectator Mode while playing the Defuse game mode. 
  • Fix for players getting stuck in the revive screen after being killed. 
  • Fix for players getting stuck in the kill camera after being revived. Note that you might see a graphical bug on-screen after being revived when accepting a revive within 1 second. This graphical bug will be removed in the next patch. 
  • Fix for the death camera/screen being displayed too early. 
  • Fix for a Defuse bug where none of the teams would win a round by letting the timer runs out. 
  • Fix for the SUAV (introduced in the China Rising expansion pack) not exploding when hitting enemy soldiers. While these indeed should be deadly, they were never designed for “road killing” opponents. 
  • Fix for an issue where 4x the damage from a vehicle's miniguns would be applied to the chest when a player had the Defense specialization equipped. 
  • Balanced vehicle miniguns to do more damage versus infantry. 
  • Fix for the game mode specific ribbons being counted twice in the multiplayer progression. 
  • Fixed a bug in Defuse mode where defenders could win a round by killing all the attackers without disarming the bomb. If the attackers arm the bomb, the defenders need to disarm it to win, even if they have killed all the attackers. 
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in infinite loading when connecting to a server. 
  • Fix for side gunners in attack boats and transport helicopters experiencing jitter when aiming. 
  • Fixed the issue with Levolution events sometimes not being triggered properly when playing the Rush, Defuse, Obliteration and Team/Squad Deathmatch game modes. 
  • Removed the SCAR-H and Ace 52 damage tweaks that were included in a previous patch. 

Kill trading issue 

  • We’ve addressed the so-called “Kill trading”. This refers to when two players fire at each other and, seemingly, both die at the same time. The time window where a bullet could cause damage from an already dead player is now calculated as intended, decreasing the timeframe when players with high latency could get a kill, even though they should be dead according to the server. This should reduce the probability of kill trading.
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