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Paranormal Activity 4 debuts with haunting trailer featuring teen webcam chat action

Had enough of Paranormal Activity? Of course you haven't, cause they keep on making them! I know that sounded snarky, but in reality, I'm actually a huge fan of the movies. More specifically, I loved the first one. It creeped me out on a level that not many horror movies did. While the movies did get progressively worse, they were still enjoyable, not to mention they still raked in the cash.

Fans eagerly awaited the release of the full trailer for the upcoming movie, when prior to it releasing, only teasers giving very minute clues were available.

With the new trailer though, we get introduced to a new protagonist, who doesn't seem to be very trusting of her neighbors. We also learn that she's quite fond of web-camming with her boyfriend, which for a girl of her age is both typical, and somewhat disturbing (this is how those teen nude scandals happen!).

In any case, you can rest assured that Katie, the protagonist turned demon, will surely be making an appearance, as the last few seconds of the trailer depict her leading a child (from the second movie) down a walkway. Creepy!

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