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Paradox Interactive Confirms Release Date Of EU Rome

March 28, 2008

Europa Universalis: Rome begins its March of Conquest Paradox Interactive confirms release date

Prestigious publisher Paradox Interactive is proud to announce the forthcoming release dates of its latest hotly anticipated title – Europa Universalis: Rome.

Finally the grand strategy game all have been waiting for, begins its imperious march to retail stores in Europe and North America.The newly improved Europa Universalis engine takes the series to the next level; allowing players to assassinate, negotiate, plunder, assimilate and conquer their way to greatness, through the ancient era of the Roman Republic.

The title will be shipping to stores in North American on April 15 and in stores all across Europe from April 18.

Key Features

  • Fully 3D map with integrated graphics and detailed topography

  • Start at any date between 280 B.C. and 27 B.C.

  • Choose between 10 different cultures, including the Roman, Celtic, Greek and Egyptian civilizations, with more than 53 playable factions on a map spanning hundreds of provinces.

  • Watch your characters develop new traits through political intrigue and various interactions with thousands of other characters.

  • Trade, negotiate or fight with your neighbours and advance your technologies to unite the Mediterranean World.

  • Robust multiplayer allows you to challenge up to 32 players either competitively or in co-op mode.

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