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Paper Planes From NAMCO BANDAI Swoops, Soars And Glides Its Way Onto Mobile

March 18, 2008

Paper Planes From NAMCO BANDAI Swoops, Soars And Glides Its Way Onto Mobile

NAMCO BANDAI Networks Europe Ltd today launched its newest mobile game, aimed squarely at fun loving casual Players everywhere. Paper Planes lets you build, balance and fly your very own paper planes as you try to beat a series of trials and challenges based on accuracy, distance or even acrobatics.

Players create their plane by choosing a basic design, then adjusting the weight and angle of the flaps to alter the flight characteristics. Then, once the important engineering is done, you get to see how your plane performs! By setting the power and angle of your throw you can see how your plane flies, skipping back to the design page to tweak the basic settings and get your plane exactly how you want it. Using just these simple controls, you can customize the performance as much as you want in almost endless combinations.

The game is perfect for just picking up and playing – players can choose to complete a world tour, with a host of different objectives that need to be reached – each requires a slightly different set-up for your plane. As the tour progresses so does the difficulty, and crisp, colorful graphics have been used to create themes that reflect the different regions around the world where your plane needs to perform. Challenge mode sets tests of paper plane piloting skill, with only three chances to get it right; this is perfect for the experienced flyer. Last but not least is Free Flight mode, where budding test pilots can play around with designs to your hearts content. The whole game is easy to get to grips with, through a series of tutorials, easy instructions and the ability to access Help info at any time.

Paper Planes is available on selected operators in the UK on 17 March, with the game available in Spain and France at the end of March and Germany and Italy in April. For more information about the game including screenshots and trailers visit

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