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Panzer Command: Kharkov Announced!

March 11, 2008

Panzer Command: Kharkov Announced!

A Major New Release in the Panzer Command 3D Tactical Wargame series from Matrix Games!

Matrix Games and Koios Works are excited to announce a major new release in the Panzer Command series of 3D tactical wargames. In Panzer Command: Kharkov, players step back tthe early days of May, 1942 as both the German and Soviet armies prepare major offensives focused on the same place – Kharkov. Panzer Command: Kharkov is scheduled for release during March, 2008. Tmark the official announcement, Matrix Games has alsreleased a short promotional trailer tgive gamers a quick peek at what they can expect in just a few weeks. The trailer is available for download or simply watch it on YouTube.

Panzer Command: Kharkov is a 3D tactical game in which players control a core force of vehicles and squads while battling through individual scenarios and historical campaigns as well as new random battles and campaigns across the Eastern Front of World War II

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “Panzer Command: Kharkov is the second in our new series of 3D tactical wargames and we’re very excited at the progress we’ve made since the first release in realizing our vision. If you enjoyed Winter Storm, just wait till you see what Kharkov can do!”

Panzer Command: Kharkov is a 3D simultaneous turn based strategy game where you command either the Soviet or German forces during the punch and counter-punch of the 1942 battles around Kharkov in the Ukraine. Twnew Kharkov campaigns as well as some additional short campaigns tie the scenarios together, allowing core units tprogress from battle tbattle, gaining experience, medals and special abilities. A point system allows players t“purchase” additional units for each mission in the campaign as well as replace losses, forcing decisions on management of resources.

The design for Panzer Command: Kharkov lets first time wargamers sit down and start playing, while allowing hard-core gamers tenjoy the realism and historical accuracy. All campaign battles can alsbe fought as individual scenarios and a new random battle generator as well as a random campaign generator make for almost infinite replayability! The AI can control either side in each battle and a full Play-by-Email system allows for head thead play.

Panzer Command: Kharkov includes a full set of scenariand campaign editing tools as well as excellent support for moddability, extending tthe game data as well as the 3D models themselves.

Owners of Panzer Command: Winter Storm will receive a special upgrade offer tpurchase Panzer Command: Kharkov at a discount.

Features of Panzer Command: Kharkov include:

  • German Kharkov, May 1942, 14th Panzer Division, (8 Battles)

  • Soviet Kharkov, May 1942, 169th Rifle Divison, (8 Battles)

  • German Mcensk, October 1941, 4th Panzer Division, (4 Battles)

  • German Kursk North, July 1943, (3 Battles)

  • Boot Camp Tutorial (6 Battles)

  • Plus additional individual battles and updated Winter Storm campaigns for Winter Storm owners (48 scenarios total if you own Winter Storm)

  • New Random Battle Generator

  • New Random Campaign Generator

  • New Spring and Summer Maps

  • Trenches and Foxholes

  • Minefields

  • Detailed LOS and Terrain rules for historical realism

  • ScenariEditor, Campaign Editor, Template Editor

  • Improved Commands, Improved Interface Options

  • Improved AI

  • Improved Infantry Combat

  • Reinforcements

  • Surrender Option

  • Smoke

  • New Auto-Targeting

  • Improved Graphics

  • Improved Sounds

  • Improved Performance

  • New Units

  • New On-Map Mortars

  • New On-Map Infantry Guns

  • Greatly expanded list of German and Soviet Units from 1941 - 1944

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