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Pandaria Expansion Invites Pokemon Comparison



There's a lot to like about the recently announced World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria, but perhaps the most exciting news is that Blizzard is looking to move in on Nintendo's territory with a pet battle system not dissimilar to Pokemon.

Though players have been able to keep pets in WoW for awhile now, it seems as though Pandaria will encourage players to... well, catch em' all. Pets have traditionally been given out largely as special events, though now "wild pets" are being introduced (likely hiding in the tall grass) which players will have to seek out as part of their never-ending journey of friendship and love.  Blizzard hasn't given all the specifics of how you'll catch these new wild pets, and seeing the WoW equivalent of a Pokeball should be exciting.

Blizzard doesn't seem too interested in discouraging the Pokemon comparion either, adding a variety of pet features which seem quite reminiscent of the portable franchise. Though pets were once simple vanity items, they will now level up through battles, and we can only wonder if they'll be able to evolve into stronger monsters over time. Though players will bring just three pets into these battles with them (as opposed to Pokemon's roster of six), the fights will be much like Pokemon's turn-based affairs, with trainers selecting the abilities to use during battle, and even outfitting their pets with special items to influence their stats.

All they need now are the badges!

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