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Pages 9 & 10 of Dark Souls 2: Into the Light, 'Lying in ambush ahead'


It’s Wednesday, that means it’s Dark Souls II: Into the Light comic day! Wooo! As per usual, you can find the next two pages of the comic via the Dark Souls Facebook page or simply move those eyes of yours lower on this page. Authors Rob Williams and Andi Ewington, with art provided by Simon Coleby, have put together this glorious comic and release exactly two pages a week for our free enjoyment.

This week our over confident knight fights his way through some horrors. What dwells in the darkness below? Are those skeletons going to sneak up behind him for some sweet sweet backstab action? We’ll have to wait until next week to be certain.

Last week's is HERE. Lying in ambush ahead.

Comic 9

Comic 10

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