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Pages 11 & 12 of Dark Souls 2: Into the Light comic shows off one of the new foes


It’s Thursday, I get that, I’m a day late, but yesterday the two newest pages of Dark Souls II: Into the Light were released via Dark SoulsFacebook page. This online comic is being written by authors Rob Williams and Andi Ewington, with art provided by Simon Coleby, and brought to you for free. Every Wednesday, two new pages are revealed for your pleasure.   

In our knight’s journey this week, he comes to the conclusion that the darkness is too heavy. Determined to venture forth, he switches his shield hand for a torch. Slowly banishing the dark around him, he discovers something going ‘clank’ around him. Lying in waiting, is one of Dark Souls II’s newest foes, the “Turtle Knight.” I threw that in quotations because I know that is what they are commonly known as but not sure if that is what FromSoftware has officially named the beasts.

Turtle Knight

Does the knight survive? Has he already lost? Did the knight lose his sword like the bonfire warrior warned? We’re going to have to wait until next week to find out. Check out this week's below.

HERE is the link to last week’s comic.

Page 11

Page 12

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