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PacMap for Android Makes Your GPS Fun


If you're anything like me, you probably pay extra for a GPS service on your phone that you hardly even use. If this is the case and you own an Android, then get ready to put that GPS to good use. A new app titled PacMap has been released for Android phones, and it turns your GPS into a ghost-eating, yellow sphere-starring game.

When activiated, PacMap turns the map of your physical location into a playing field. Spheres and ghosts are added to the screen, and Pac-Man can move around and eat them. The best part about it is that Pac-Man represents your location and moves along with you. Walk down a street in your neighborhood and Pac-Man will do the same. It's an interesting way to mesh reality and game, and this app could be something special once it's out of its preliminary build.

You can download the current version of Pac-Map at AppBrain. Just be careful to watch where you're going. We'd hate for any of our readers to get flattened by a big rig because they were too enthralled in the PacMap experience to watch for incoming traffic.


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