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Pachter: Both the PS4 and Xbox One will 'sell out' at launch

Xbox One vs PS4

Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter is confident the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will both "sell out" at launch, regardless of the amount of skepticism surrounding the next-gen consoles and their ability -- or inability -- to play used games without some sort of restriction. Surely, this is good news for all involved, many whom are hoping the new consoles will help resuscitate a slumping game industry -- something the Wii U has failed to do so far.

In an interview with Pachter, which will be published later this week, Pachter estimates that consumers can expect to pay around $399 for the Xbox One and about $349 for the PS4. "The boxes will both sell out at the above prices," he said, when asked which he believes will have the more successful launch. And given the pre-order records being set by the Xbox One, I tend to believe him.

Both Microsoft and Sony have done a good job drumming up excitement for their new consoles heading into E3. Although Microsoft has faced growing criticism since its Xbox One reveal -- due to a lack of games and possible used game restrictions -- the company promises plenty of new exclusive titles at E3. Sony, meanwhile, has been viewed as a white knight of sorts, but is still acting somewhat shady regarding its own policy on pre-owned games; not to mention, we still haven't seen what the darn console looks like. That, of course, will change as Sony has already teased the system's reveal for E3.

When asked who will come out on top once E3 is gone and passed, Pachter responded: "I think both Sony and Microsoft will perform really well, and think that gamers come out on top, because they will have more choices than ever before."

So with the first round of next-gen console reveals already in the bag, all eyes are now on the E3 press conferences.

Check out our full interview Michael Pachter regarding the Xbox One and PS4.

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