Pac-Man Championship Edition DX now gobbling ghosts on Windows 8

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Namco Bandai has announced that Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (AKA one of the greatest games ever) has officially landed on Windows 8 and Windows RT. That means players will be able to enjoy it across PCs, laptops, and Surface. Yay for options!

In case you haven't already played it, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX tasks you with eating all kinds of fruit and ghosts. While the core idea behind the game may be the same as always, the mechanics have been amped up substantially, making this, like, the best Pac-Man game ever, you guys.

You can download Pac-Man Championship Edition DX for Windows 8 and Windows RT for $9.99, which is right on par with the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions. Yay for consistency!

Oh, and obviously, yay for Pac-Man!

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