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Oxygen announces Safar'Wii coming in September

August 26, 2009

Oxygen announces Safar'Wii coming in September

Oxygen Games announces the release of Safar’Wii coming to the Wii™ this September.

You have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to explore a new island, Animal Island. As a photographer for ‘Animal News’ you will be given assignments to take photographs of the islands inhabitants, and experience them up close and personal.

“Safar’Wii makes your dreams of getting close to wild animals a reality,” said Emma Jenkins Product Manager, “it gives kids the chance to interact with animals, see them in their natural habitats and learn about them in an exciting and fun way.”

With 21 different species, take the perfect picture as you travel around the island. See lion cubs sleeping with their mother or a cheetah stalking its prey. As you carry out your assignments your relationship with the animals will grow. As you gain their trust, you’ll be able to do things like hug a panda or ride an elephant.

Learn more about the animals you have seen by saving them in your animal file, and create a photo album filled with the best pictures.

Wild animals to track, a mysterious island to explore & the opportunity to learn about all the animals – a real Safari adventure!

Safar’Wii is out in September for the Wii™.

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