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Own the Neighborhood with the PC strategy/board game Easy St. Tycoon

November 10, 2008

Own the Neighborhood with the PC strategy/board game Easy St. Tycoon

Own the Neighborhood with Easy St. Tycoon, the unique and endlessly replayable strategy board game for the PC

MindToy Games announces the release of a unique, endlessly replayable and enjoyable strategy/board game for the PC, Easy St. Tycoon. Game developer Derek DiBenedetto, formerly of Stormcloud Creations, where he owned and managed the company for over 8 years with 10 published games to his credit, has included several unique features in the design for his newly founded company.

“The game will incorporate a truly random board game algorithm, where the board is generally randomly every game, yet still balanced and playable each time”, says MindToy CEO Derek DiBenedetto, “along with several gameplay features that will force players to make important choices.”

Among the game’s other features: Buy streets and upgrade them so that players must pay a higher toll when landing on them, hold a job and try to increase your paycheck, play 6 different mini-games to win more cash, gain Fortune Points using Big Events, a unique feature where you experience a real life, fully written event and gain or lose Fortune Points to use for game benefits, and play either 2-4 human players via Hotseat, or play any combination of 1-4 human/computer players.

It has a price of $14.95 for immediate digital download purchase. A free demo is available on the web site at

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