Own the Dear Esther soundtrack, now on Bandcamp

Dear Esther  - 1100913

The soundtrack for Dear Esther, the IndieCade award-winning game, is now available on Bandcamp. The 17-track album costs $7.99 and is composed by Jessica Curry.

In 2008, Dear Esther premiered as a mod for Half-Life 2, but a year later designer Robert Briscoe completely overhauled the game. It became an independent release in 2010.

Thechineseroom, the UK-based developer responsible for the experimental first-person game, is presently working on two new titles: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (a sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent), due out this year.

Dear Esther came to Steam in February.

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