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Own Orion Dino Beatdown? Get the sequel, Dino Horde, for free next week

A while back, I downloaded Orion: Dino Beatdown simply out of curiosity. Everything about it seemed to appeal to me. Dinosaurs, crazy guns, vehicles, a sprawling big, open map. The end result was rather underwhelming, and with no friends to play, the vastly open map was just too barren for myself and the onslaught of Dinosaurs that wanted to do nothing more than rip off the meat and flesh off of my body.

The developers also recognized a lot of the games faults and have since then started reworking the game into a fully fledged sequel, with a much better graphics engine, gameplay, and tweaks to make it more enjoyable. So what exactly is completely new in this version? Check out this handy dandy bullet list!

  •   New Netcode & Connectivity
  •   New Artificial Intelligence
  •   New New Lighting & Particle System
  •   New Graphics Engine
  •   New SteamWorks Features
  •   New Animations
  •   New Sound System
  •   New Game Mechanics
  •   New Weapon & Player Mechanics
  •   New Dedicated Server Tools

What's even better, is that for people like me, who have purchased the original, the sequel, Orion: Dino Horde will be completely free. That's right. On April 15th, keep a lookout at your Steam library for the new game to show up and start playing a game, that the devs have dubbed 'Battlefield 3 with Dinosaurs.'


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