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Overwatch's Junkrat is getting buffs on the Public Test Realms

The funniest guy in the game is getting even deadlier.

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Junkrat has always been one of the funniest, if not "the" funniest, characters in Overwatch. From his voice lines to his emotes and even his dance, Junkrat has been a constant source of amusement, but he's also been a deadly enemy. When you hear Junkrat's voice line, "Fire in the hole," everyone in the game, even his own teammates, are immediately on high alert. When that tire explodes, just about everyone on the opposite team, that's in proximity, is dead. We've all seen the countless Play of the Game from the RIP Tire, it's incredibly frustrating, that is unless you're the one playing him.

If you thought Junkrat was too powerful before, well, I have some bad news. The Australian bomber is about to become even more of a threat, assuming changes on the Public Test Realm (PTR) make it into the game's live server.

Right now, on the PTR, two substantial changes are being tested for Junkrat, both of which have almost no downside. The first change is to his concussion mine, instead of one, he'll be able to carry two. One mine can be used for mobility (i.e. standing on it and triggering it to boost yourself up) and the other is for damaging enemies. The second change comes to his already overpowered RIP Tire, which sees the tire moving 30% faster, making it a harder target to hit and if that wasn't enough, it can scale any wall, as height restrictions have been removed.

These changes are live now on the PTR and could possibly come, as is, in the next few updates. If you weren't scared of the RIP Tire before, because you thought you could out run it, you better think again.

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