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Overwatch: Horizon Lunar Colony map teased by Blizzard

Will the next map take us off planet?

Blizzard may have teased a new 'Overwatch' map featuring the Horizon Lunar Colony.

With the recent free weekend offered to newcomers, more players than ever have been enjoying 'Overwatch's recent anniversary event. With a brand new list of skins, sprays, and a dance emote for every character, there's a lot to keep you burning through boxes and earning XP.

Now that hype for the game is at an all time high, there may already be a new map on the way. Last year, we were given two new and exciting maps, Eichenwalde and Oasis. It seems that Blizzard wants to keep a steady momentum of new content between events, maps, and characters. From the looks of the most recent "Atlas News" post on, we might be getting a new map following the current event.

A series of inter-departmental emails between Winston and other scientists on the Horizon Lunar Colony suggest some kind of breach. According to the intel, some of the animals going through similar genetic therapy that Winston underwent have become unstable and now Winston and another subject who goes by Hammond, are M.I.A. We now have a map of the layout for the facility, which makes the evidence a bit more viable:

For the whole story, check out the post on and try and piece together the mystery for yourself!

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