Over 320K PS4s sold in Japan in two days

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The PlayStation 4 is off to a solid start in Sony's home country of Japan. New reports from Famitsu, claim that PS4 sales in Japan have hit 322,083 units in the system's first two days of availability. 

By comparison, the PS3 sold just 88,443 units in its first two days in Japan. The PS2, on the other hand, sold 630,552 units in its first two days, according to archived Famitsu data republished on Siliconera

The PS4 first launched in November 2013. By opting to release in the west first, it ensured Microsoft's Xbox One would not have a head start in key territories. The result seems to be paying off as over one million PS4 systems were sold in the United States in just the first 24 hours of availability. It became the fastest-selling console ever in the UK, moving more than 250,000 units in just 48 hours.

As of February 8, just a few weeks ahead of its Japan debut, the PS4 had already sold over 5.3 million consoles worldwide. In January, Microsoft revealed that over three million Xbox One consoles were sold to consumers in 2013. Unfortunately, we don't have a more up-to-date figure.

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