OUYA reaches goal (almost) in only one day, proves people want mobile experiences on the big screen

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The project has officially reached its required funding, and is now at $980k!

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If you've kept up with the announcement of OUYA, the android based home console that will be able to run android games straight to your HDTV, then you might already know that the company started their own Kickstarter campaign in hopes to raise $950,000. You're thinking, "A million?! That will take forever!" The reality of it is that there are so many people interested in this fancy new piece of hardware, that in less than 24 hours, it has almost reached its goal, and is currently at $937k.

So what does this mean for the industry as a whole? Well it certainly means that gamers are more than willing to add yet another console to their living room. It also means that there are many who believe that mobile games might just be able to reach their full potential when played on a much bigger screen and with an actual controller.

This is great news for the folks over at the development team for OUYA. It's definitely a bold move to try and step into the world of consoles, and yet it looks like the idea that this console is based off of is actually embraced by many.

We at GameZone are whole-heartedly congratulating the team behind OUYA, and we honestly can't wait for this little beauty to release!

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