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Ouya announces Ouya Everywhere; has '10 times more games than when we started'

Neverending Nightmares

Ouya posted a big update today on where the Android microconsole is going in 2014.

As we learned yesterday, it's headed out of the box and onto new platforms.

"We’re the open guys, right?" wrote Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman. "So why lock Ouya in a box? Even a beautiful one?

"Ouya is about games and game developers, not about the way you get it. So we’re embarking on a new project to embed the Ouya platform into other devices on the market."

That effort is called Ouya Everywhere, and it's a huge part of Ouya's vision for the future.

"We built Ouya because we wanted to excite creators — game developers — and we’re off to a great start," wrote Uhrman. "From 1,000 developers buying a dev unit during our Kickstarter, to 8,000 at the time of our unveiling just nine months later, to 10,000 at launch in June, and now at over 33,000 who have downloaded our ODK, we are bringing games into the living room, from all kinds of developers."

Uhrman said that as of today, Ouya is funding 10 titles as part of its goal to fund $1 million worth of games. One of them, Matt Gilgenbach’s psychological-horror adventure Neverending Nightmares, is already on the console as an alpha.

"And, for those of you who are wondering, 675 games in less than a year is more than any other console has ever done," wrote Uhrman. "We have 10 times more games than when we started, and new game submissions keep coming in, every week."

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