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Outlast 2 addresses its difficulty issues with latest patch

Enhancing the fear factor by streamlining certain sections.

Outlast 2 addresses its difficulty issues with latest patch

If you've been playing Outlast 2 since it released last week, you've probably encountered certain sections of the game that have caused more frustration than they should have (*cough* Marta). Developer Red Barrels has heard this critique and has put out an update for the game on PC to address the issue.

Here's what they said courtesy an official press release:

The launch of Outlast 2 has been a tremendous success for Red Barrels - recouping development costs in just the first week - but the developers also learned something while going through countless streams, let's plays, and reviews; perhaps they were a little too sadistic.
Today's PC patch, coming soon to consoles, introduces some minor adjustments to the difficulty in key spots. On Normal difficulty this will offer players a more appropriately balanced experience (ie scary as $#&!) while still maintaining higher levels of challenge on Hard and Nightmare difficulties.
Console players can expect to get the patch shortly. For the full patch notes, you can head over here to see what has changed. And for more on Outlast 2, check out the official GameZone Review.
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