Orthus Exile is the Kickstarter RPG inspired by Final Fantasy and Dark Souls

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If you recall back in May, GameZone covered an up and coming Kickstarter game by the name Chaos Drift by Caleb Stewart. The dedicated RPG creator is back with another Kickstarter campaign, this time for an game highly inspired but Final Fantasy and Dark Souls. Orthus Exile is an open world RPG coming to the PC.

The world of Orthus has a haunting atmosphere is an absolutely terrifying world. During gameplay you’ll learn of Orthus’ past as you construct the future. You’ll have to make hard hitting decisions that will affect you upon your way. Do you save the dwarf from the giant monster or do you let nature run its course?   

With no random battles, each violent bout will have significant meaning to overall story. As you level you’ll customize your character and ability set. If this peaks your interest, check out the Kickstarter and download the FREE demo.  

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