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Original Soulcalibur Headed to iOS


The original Soulcalibur was praised for being one of the most enjoyable fighters of its day. The game launched in arcades, and it was ported over to the Dreamcast about a year later. Soulcalibur managed to garner impressive critical reception, even being awarded a few perfect scores.

The game has since popped up on Xbox Live Arcade, and it's fared quite well. Now, Namco Bandai looks to continue capitalizing on the success of the game with a mobile version. Though a concrete date hasn't been set, iOS gamers can expect Soulcalibur to drop sometime soon.

The announcement was made by Namco Bandai VP of Marketing Carlson Choi. Sadly, it looks like we'll have to wait to find out the game's iOS launch date. Here's hoping the game delivers the goods on the mobile front.

As we all know, fighting games aren't known for being particularly strong on mobile devices. That said, this is freaking Soulcalibur, so let's hope Namco Bandai does it justice. Expect an official launch date in the near future.

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