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Origin Wants You To Save 40% On Blockbuster Titles


Right off the heels of's massive sale, EA's Origin store is offering 40% off on over 200 games from their online store. If you're still shopping for any last minute gifts for a fellow gamer, this is a great opportunity. What's better is that Arkham City, which coincidentally also won Best Action Adventure Game is a part of this sale, which means you have no excuse for not picking this game up.

Some of the top games being offered are Madden 12, Batman Arkham City, NHL 12, FIFA Soccer 12, and more. Sure looks like Sports Gamers Paradise if you ask me.

Remember though, this deal is only valid today! If you want to save that 40% then you better get to filling up that shopping cart.

It is worth mentioning that some select games are also selling for $9.99, some of which include: Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, The Saboteur, Dragon Age: Origins, and more.

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