Organic Humans bringing the frights with indie horror title Montas

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Indie studio Organic Humans is currently hard at work developing Montas. The game, which will include Oculus Rift compatibility, is set to feature survival horror gameplay with action-adventure and platforming elements.

Organic Humans is currently trying to get Montas funded, and it has announced that a fundraising campaign for the game will be up on Indiegogo this Halloween. Makes sense, right?

Montas will rely on pure survival instinct. Entirely devoid of combat mechanics, it'll be up to players to decide how to stay alive with several options to choose from with each enemy encounter.

Check out the latest trailer for Montas below, and if you dig what you see, feel free to give it a vote on Steam Greenlight. The game looks incredibly promising, and I can't wait to see more footage.

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