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Order of War Offers Free Downloadable Content Update

October 22, 2009

Order of War Offers Free Downloadable Content Update

Bonus Content For Square Enix And’s WWII Strategy Game Includes New Units, Gameplay Mode

Square Enix and will release a batch of free downloadable content for ORDER OF WAR today, Thursday, October 22, to mark the game's first month of release. ORDER OF WAR is the action-focused World War II strategy game developed by for personal computer that focuses on the climactic summer of 1944 and brings realistic and historically accurate settings and scenarios to bear on intense, combat-focused strategy gameplay.

The downloadable content, which is free to all owners of ORDER OF WAR, is comprised of formerly exclusive bonuses that were available as special pre-order offers at participating retailers. With this update, all players will have identical content, regardless of where they purchased the game.

The free downloadable content update includes:

  • Heavy Bomber Squadrons: Addition of German Arado and Allied B-24 Marauder heavy bomber units to air support.

  • Infantry Mortar Launchers: Addition of infantry mortar units.

  • Off-Map Heavy Artillery: Addition of heavy artillery strikes to the air support menu.

  • Survival Mission Mode: New survival mission mode where you fend off waves of attacking enemies for as long as possible.

To receive the free downloadable content, players of ORDER OF WAR need only to start the game. When the game connects to Steam, the Steam system will automatically download and update their install with the DLC items.

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