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Orc Attack is a downloadable hack-and-slash game with farts


I like a fun beat 'em up or hack-and-slash title every now and then. There's something really satisfying and cathartic about just unleashing some pain on waves of enemies. If you're a fan of these games and feel the same way I do, then you've got a game worth watching out for.

Casual Brothers Games has announced that it will bring Orc Attack to download platforms later this year. The game seems to have a lot of hacking and slashing, but there's more. Yes, it seems the orcs you play as also have the power of flatulence.

The story goes that humans have poisoned the food and water of these hideously charming creatures, and they want revenge. Thankfully, the poison didn't result in casualties and instead gave the orcs a lot of gas--gas they can use as a weapon.

Check out Orc Attack on its official page. You'll find some images and gameplay footage to get a feel for the action. The game is due out on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC, and OnLive during the fourth quarter of 2012. Watch out for it.

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