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Opening minutes of BioShock Infinite revealed in video

Thank you Irrational Games. While we're not getting a surprise announcement that the game I look forward to playing the most -- BioShock Infinite -- is coming out today, Christmas has come early in the form of a video. Irrational Games released a five-minute video showing the first few minutes of BioShock Infinite. Warning: There are spoilers!

In the video, which takes place off the coast of Maine, New England, we first hear a voice asking "Booker, are you afraid of god?" He responds, "No, but I'm afraid of you." After being followed by a quote, Booker is being rowed in a boat by a man and lady with British accents, and we have no idea who they are. Booker has a box with a gun in it, by the way. After getting to a lighthouse, the whole sequence gave me chills and reminded me of the first BioShock. The whole setting is very creepy, with the music adding a haunting element to it. 

At the top of the lighthouse... a puzzle that opens a capsule holding a chair. 

Enjoy the video, and hopefully we get more of these until BioShock Infinite is released in March 2013.

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