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Open-world skier Snow makes its way to PS4, Oculus Rift

Open-world skier Snow makes its way to PS4, Oculus Rift

Snow has been in Steam's Early Access program for a few months now. While the experience is still a mostly empty one, the game made some news today: it's coming to the PS4 and Oculus Rift.

The concept of Snow is simple: ski across a mountain.

That's it. Seriously. The mountain is your playground and you're free to explore it by any means necessary. While the game's current state is a bit lacking, there's plenty of potential when you add Oculus Rift support. I'll be excited to see where the game's future goes.

Oddly enough, I have a random urge to play Snow and mess around in its terrain park. Perhaps I should record the shenanigans so you can all make fun of me.


Jake Valentine
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