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OOTP 9 Has Been Released

June 19, 2008

OOTP 9 Has Been Released

Out of the Park Developments is pleased to announce that Out of the Park Baseball 9 is now available for immediate purchase and download, for both PC and Mac!

Come and try the next in the long-running series of award-winning baseball management simulations for PC and Mac that GameShark called "The best fantasy baseball package ever created", PC Gamer rated as the best PC sports game of 2007 and received an average score of 97% on Metacritic!

Click here to download Out of the Park Baseball 9.

Full OOTP 9 Feature List
Below is the complete list of major new features for OOTP 9. In addition to these, there are a number of smaller improvements as well, and it would be a little too tedious to list them all!

General features

  • Built-in 2008 Opening Day rosters
  • Revised, more realistic scouting system with less micromanaging, more realistic impact on your team, and written scouting reports on each player you scout
  • Past scouting reports are stored, so you can see how your players developed over time. Reports are not erased when you lose your scouting director.
  • Suspensions as a result of bench-clearing brawls, along with optional drug-related suspensions
  • In-game add-on installer that will allow you to download and automatically install custom add-ons from the community
  • Improved personnel contracts using a system similar to player contracts
  • Added a streaks section to the league stats screen
  • The league standings screen now shows the leagues leaders as well if desired
  • Added stats to player list filters
  • More news stories
  • Improved simulation speed
  • Streaks available from league stats screen
  • Top performances of the day listed in the schedule screen

Customization features

  • A revised playoff system, with many more customizable options
  • Added the option to assign nations to teams in the league setup
  • Player creation utilizes different team nationalities in a league
  • Increased the secondary roster size max limit to 70
  • Increased the expanded roster size max limit to 70
  • Added a 'cannot be fired' option to the manager options
  • Added personality ratings to customizeable player lists
  • Added "turn into coach" feature for retired players

In-game features

  • In-game sound and further improvements to the realism of the play-by-play engine
  • Simple ball animation
  • Store & watch game replays
  • Recoded pitcher endurance system, resulting in much more realistic results when using relievers as starters and vice-versa
  • Increased font size of PbP in higher resolutions

Financial system features

  • Improved front office system with additional financial detail
  • Two new revenue sharing options
  • Greatly improved contract AI

Historical features

  • Built-in support for Lahman historical database, including neutralized stats for better results
  • Built-in ballpark database, utilized automatically when rpogressing through history
  • Ability to import pre-1901 seasons
  • Added the following league totals modifiers: SP Endurance, RP Endurance, WP, PB, Balks, Double Plays, Sac Flies, Sac Bunts, SB Attempts, SB Success %
  • Improved the automatic adjustment of the following league totals modifiers: Hits, 2B, 3B
  • Greatly improved the defensive ratings & position calculations
  • Improved calculation of pitcher endurance when importing historical leagues
  • Added the option to automatically retire players according to history
  • Added an option for historical leagues to base actual player ratings on neutralized stats
  • Added a historical option called "Base roles/positions on...", which can be either real life stats or AI evaluation. Real life is the default when using recalc, which results in even more realistic stats as players will be used like in real life.
  • Added a recalc option called "Double weight of current year", which will do just that when recalc is enabled.
  • Improved historical season importing speed
  • Features for online leagues
  • Rankable draft lists
  • Replays included in online league file
  • Option to hide scores in the schedule screen for increased tension while watching replays
  • Players now react within a maximum of 5 days when receiving and offer

Other features

  • Improved artificial intelligence across the board
  • Improved player development that eliminates those aggravating sudden talent "jumps" or "bumps," resulting in a vast array of realistic career arcs.
  • Improved several HTML reports
  • Top prospect lists are now either generated once a year or dynamically. Players get their ranking added to the player history.
  • Ballpark images can be loaded from any folder with select file dialog now
  • A customizable backup function that makes it easier than ever to ensure you are getting solid backups of the leagues that are important to you
  • Universal binary for Mac users, resulting in huge performance improvement on that platform
  • New skin options, giving you three to choose from. Additionally, leagues can now have their own fictional logos, and logo sizes have been increased to take more advantage of our skilled modder community!
  • Added "Disliked" as a player popularity value. This will happen for example when a player gets suspended for using drugs.
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