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ooJLEoo presents the banned iPhone 5 promo

iPhone 5

How do you describe the iPhone 5? With one word — adjective. YouTube channel ooJLEoo (don't ask me how to pronounce it) is best known for their Gentlemen's Rant videos, but they also used to make banned iPhone promos. Of course they aren't real, any dullard would know that, but they are funny. It's one of those things that are so funny because they're so true. Now, the group of John Elerick, Will Stephens, Travon Free and Roger Roth have made an iPhone 5 banned promo, and it is extramazinarylutionary, just like the phone.

Some of the lines I found both funny and true are:

  • We take updating it very seriously, and that's why we only really do so once every two years. And the result is iPhone 5 — the sixth iPhone.
  • The panorama feature on iPhone 5 is completely revolutionairy and unlike any free app you could've downloaded three years ago.
  • In iPhone 5, we said f**k Google Maps.

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