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Onstage Xbox One Kinect commands cause trouble for Xbox 360 Kinect users


Xbox One Meme

Why the meme, you ask? According to a number of Kinect owners, today’s Xbox One event was disrupted throughout the hour broadcast due to the onstage Kinect commands spoken by the presenters.

Several of these users took to Twitter to document their frustrations, which included their broadcast being paused, exited and more because of the Kinect “2.0” demo shown onstage.

Below you can check out some of the tweets published during the event:

Xbox One tweets 1

Xbox One tweets 2

Xbox One tweets 3

I had to giggle a bit reading these, wondering if an intern at Microsoft told the “big shot” executives that this could be an issue, only to be shushed or laughed at.

As the old, yet new, saying goes, “Go home Kinect, you’re drunk.”

Source: [Polygon]

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