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Only One PSN Account Allowed Per Vita


OK, here's the thing. I think the PlayStation Vita is a device of enormous potential. The impressive visuals, the additional features, the dual analog control, the big screen, and the touch pad all make it a portable worth giving a damn about. Then there's that Japanese ad, which I'm certain made most of us want the Vita in the dirtiest, most inappropriate way imaginable.

Unfortunately, though, there are a bunch of things that make me not want to rush out to get a Vita on day one. Not only is the device kind of pricey, but it requires custom memory cards from Sony that are stupidly expensive, as well. Now there's another reason to gripe and fuss about.

If you were hoping to share your Vita with your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or siblings (or that guy at the bus stop who insists he is indeed Moses), you can pretty much cross that off your list of nice things to do for others. As translated by a NeoGAF user, Sony explained that only a single PlayStation Network account can be used per Vita. That's right, if other individuals want their own account, they're going to have to get their own Vita.

This is kind of a bummer, but it's also ridiculous. Sure, you can still let others use your Vita, but if you really care about having your own PlayStation Network account with your own Trophies and stats, that's pretty much out of the question. While this doesn't affect me directly because I despise sharing my things with anyone, I can see it being somewhat of a pain for gamers who intended on letting others use the device, or individuals who decided to split the cost of one Vita with their buddies or siblings (you know, on account of the Vita being so damn expensive).

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