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Only 24 hours left to back Spark Rising’s Kickstarter for unadulterated, sandbox, exo-suit, action


Alrighty folks, sure you’ve played your sandbox creation games, but what is the next step? Do you like 3rd person shooters? Do you like wearing exo-suits? Do you like massive battles which you have to build your own fortresses? If you answered yes to all of these, let me introduce you to Spark Rising.

In Spark Rising, you’ll play in third-person in an exo-suit. In a sandbox environment, you’ll have to repel hordes of mechs, dinosaurs, and zombies trying to take your land. Fight back alone or with a coop friend in large scale battles. Your exo-suit comes with class-based abilities and fire power to help you customize your experience. In campaign and conquest modes, you’ll be defending and taking enemy fortresses over.

A remarkable feature of this game is that there is creation mode where you can design your own level and fortress. On top of that, you can share your creations and earn rewards in the process for making the community larger. ON TOP OF THAT, you can import your designs from other games with as Minecraft and Qubicle. So you know that area you spent months on perfecting in Minecraft? Why not make that a base of operations?

The Kickstarter for Spark Rising is running out of time though. As of now, you only have 24 hours to back this project is you so deem it so. Check the game out, check out the Kickstarter, and watch the video below!

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