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Only 20 of Gentlemen's 3,000 Android players paid for the game


A report over at Indie Statik about Lucky Frame's title Gentlemen! and Android piracy piqued my interest because, well, it's one of the mobile games I've been playing for review this weekend. Here's a hint: It's good.

But it does have quite the barrier to entry at $5, and that's likely causing a lot of Android users to pirate the game on a platform that's notorious for that problem. Only 20 of the game's roughly 3,000 Android players have actually paid for it.

Gentlemen! is also available on iOS and has sold 154 copies in three days, says Lucky Frame's director Yann Seznec. That's a huge difference. The game costs the same on both platforms.

Yet while piracy on Android is frustrating, Seznec said that won't deter the developer from releasing on Google Play in the future. Lucky Frame has still made some income from the port, which is better than none.

I'll have some coverage of Gentlemen! available in my Week in Mobile segment tomorrow morning.

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