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Online multiplayer and new platforms announced for Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings

Canadian developer Tribute Games revealed new details today about its upcoming game Mercenary Kings, which earned more than $116,000 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter last fall.

The run-and-gun shooter will now support four-player online and offline multiplayer when it releases early this year.

"Mercenary Kings really starts to shine when you can share the experience with some friends," wrote the team in an update. "That's why we started looking into bringing online multiplayer as a launch feature! You will be able to play the game with up to three other friends online via Steam and offline when we launch towards the end of spring 2013."

That's not all. The title is set to come to consoles as well.

"Also, we're very proud to announce that Tribute Games is officially a licensed Sony and Nintendo developer," the team wrote. "We'll be able to bring our games to consoles!"

Tribute Games didn't specify whether those consoles would be the Wii U or Wii and PlayStation 3 or the forthcoming PlayStation 4. Mercenary Kings is also hitting PC (via Steam), and both Mac and Ouya versions are planned post-launch.

The developer also made Wizorb, which crosses role-playing game elements with Breakout-style play. Mercenary Kings features the same visual look as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game thanks to animators like Paul Robertson, who was art director on the title.

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