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OneBigGame Confirms Full Artist Line-up in Not-for-Profit Music Puzzle Game Chime

December 3, 2009

OneBigGame Confirms Full Artist Line-up in Not-for-Profit Music Puzzle Game Chime

OneBigGame’s First Title Available this Winter on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360

OneBigGame has confirmed the final music artist line-up for its recently announced puzzle music game Chime on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360.

Tracks from Moby, Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, Fred Deakin of Lemon Jelly, Philip Glass and Markus Schulz are confirmed for the unique block puzzle game that sees players re-construct existing songs from these famous artists by placing irregular shaped blocks on a sequencer-style playing field.

A creative twist on both music and block puzzle games, Chime tasks players with covering the playing field with irregular shapes, each connected to a sound effect from the background music track, to form rectangular blocks, called quads. Chime’s innovative game mechanics enables players to create a unique remix of each song every time they play a level as the building of larger quads unlock more elements of the underlying song. Working their way to 100 percent coverage of the grid, players will unlock the song in full.

All artists have donated their tracks pro bono to the game, which sees all net proceeds go to charity.

“We are very excited to work with such a diverse line-up of musicians and tracks and are extremely grateful to these artists for their pro bono contributions,” said Martin de Ronde, director, OneBigGame. “Having world-class acts linked to Chime raises its profile even further, and is a great example of the collaborative nature of the entire OneBigGame charity initiative.”

Contributions from the artists were also largely made possible thanks to the effort of Nimrod Productions’ music supervisor and composer Marc Canham and his associate Artie Fufkin, who reached out in their network of music labels, publishers and artists to sign up artists for the game.

OneBigGame has more than 15 games currently in development from various established developers to raise funds for its children’s charities. Zo Mode is the first in a series of developers and designers who have been working on games for the charity publisher.

“We’re thrilled that these great artists have donated their music to Chime and shown such enthusiasm for the game and the OneBigGame project” said Ciaran Walsh, Audio Director at Zo Mode. “We’ve worked hard to do justice to their music, turning each track into a unique level with musical depth and great gameplay.”

Chime will be available this winter on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360.

Chime’s full artist line-up and track list:

  • Philip Glass - Brazil

  • Markus Schulz – Spilled Cranberries

  • Moby – Ooh Yeah

  • Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) – For Silence

  • Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly) – Disco Ghosts

For more information about the game, the artists and to find out how Zoe Mode approached the development of this unique project visit

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