One-Tap Quest is the simplest yet most addicting RPG you'll play all day

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Sometimes, it doesn't take an elaborate combat system or gripping story to make a good RPG game. Sometimes, all it takes is a good, well timed and well placed tap. Such is the case for One-Tap Quest, an addictive flash game that has your hero venturing through a horde of enemies, in search of EXP, levels, a party, spells and to ultimately defeat the Dark Lord (I named him that).

The thing about One-Tap Quest is, it largely relies on luck. Even though you can place your hero to pick up various helpful items on the way, the teleport for instance puts you in a random spot on the map, a spot that could either be super beneficial, or a complete waste. But that's the draw. The game is so random, it becomes a game of uncertainty, and rather trying your best to figure out a way to exploit the system, you'll always be bound to luck.

However, there are a few tips I can offer. Always strive to go for as many items as you can. That means, if a level loads where multiple items aren't in a straight line, just reload the level by clicking again. Picking up a Beer will grant you two additional party members, which is helpful. A sword will increase your attack and level, and the scroll with a yellow spell sends out four shots that kill enemies in its path. You will want to also pick up the scroll with a blue sign on it, which teleports you back slightly to a random location, meaning you can hopefully rack up some more EXP.

If you want to try your hand at the Dark Lord, you can do so right here at the link.

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