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One Piece: Treasure Cruise now available on iOS and Android devices

Tap to become the King of the Pirates!


As someone who has just started watching One Piece (a massive undertaking), I'm super stoked that a mobile app based on the franchise is coming out. I've played One Piece games before but never truly appreciated the story or the characters due to being unfamiliar with the anime. That all finally changes now.

The app itself is your basic free-to-play collect-a-fighter game where you can recruit pirates into your crew and fight battles in exchange for Stamina. The cool thing here is that the app actually follows the story arcs of the show, starting off in the pub with young Luffy getting bullied by other pirates and Shanks coming to his rescue, followed by the major battles involving Alvida, Axe Hand Morgan and Buggy the Clown. Of course, my game time will slow down once I get to Sky Island since that's where I'm currently at with the show.

If you're a fan of games like Brave Frontier, Puzzle & Dragons, and other games that fall into that gameplay category, and you happen to be a One Piece fan, this download is a no brainer.

Now if only Bandai Namco brought over the One Piece dancing mobile game.

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