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One of Nintendo's E3 surprises may have been leaked

One of Nintendo's E3 surprises may have been leaked

A popular E3 "tradition" is people posting images of "leaked" documents regarding a company's E3 schedule. The problem with this is the fact that anyone can create such a document. It takes all of five minutes for me to go into Microsoft Word, say "NINTENDO'S SUPER SECRET E3 LIST OF GAMES DON'T LEAK NOW HERE'S EVERYTHING THE INTERNET WANTS."

Clearly, that's false information.

Which brings me to this leak, which is totally not a list of games. Instead, it's an alleged image from the E3 showfloor, specifically Nintendo's booth. The leak in question refers to Mario Maker, which is (presumably) Nintendo's version of Little Big Planet.

What makes this leak believable? The image isn't tilted, it's not a super close-up shot of a screen, and, most importantly, Nintendo's booth looks a lot like it did last year when it comes to carpeting and design.

Fear not, readers, because the "leaks" stop when E3 begins next week.

[Nintendo Enthusiast]

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