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One gamer eyes Guinness World Record for longest gaming marathon


120 consecutive hours of gaming. Just the thought of that tends to send chills down ones' spine, but that's exactly what one gamer is out to accomplish. Yes, the man who goes by “Hzrd” is going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest gaming marathon tomorrow, May 15, by playing Diablo III for 120 hours.

According to Guinness, Hzrd only needs to pass 109 hours to be dubbed as the record holder, but Hzrd wants to assure himself that no one else will be able to surpass his feat (if it happens of course). Outside of owning a World Record, you might ask why he's "wasting" 120 hours playing videogames? Thankfully, Hzrd's attempt will be for one great cause: to help The Sophie Lancaster Foundation – a charity set up to "prevent prejudice and intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures. Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend were attacked by a gang of teens while walking through their local park in Lancashire, England back in 2007. She fell into a coma and later passed away in hospital." 

Hzrd's attempt can be seen via livestream throughout his entire 120 hour gaming session

In related news, whoever watched the livestream without pausing will receive a token for one homemade cookie made by yours truly, so there's that! 

Source: [EGMNOW]

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