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One gamer developed a game in which you shoot the NRA spokesperson

NRA Game

Just as Monday was an embarrassing day to be apart of the NRA, as they released their own first-person shooter less than a month after calling video games the root of violence in America, today is an embarrassing day to be a gamer, as an “indie” developer created a first-person shooter where you shoot the head of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre.

Simply titled, “Bullet to the Head of the NRA,” the game features you grabbing a sniper rifle and shooting three NRA heads, including LaPierre, during an interview about guns and violence. It’s a horrific game designed to simply piss people off, including Fox News who ran a story on the game.

Bad NRA game

The game’s creator, gizmo01942, as he’s known on the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums, had this to say on his embarrassing creation:

"Share this everywhere, especially gun-nut and anti-game websites. Also see if you can't send it in to the NRA somehow, like through the feedback on their website or something."

Worse yet, the creator of this game is working on a title based on the Sandy Hook elementary shooting, which took place last December in Newtown, Connecticut, where you act as the gunman, enter into the school, and empty magazines into helpless kids and adult educators. According to the sick creator, the NRA mini-game will be offered as a bonus demo to the Sandy Hook game.

NRA bad game 2

Thankfully, there are few thoughtless, mentally wronged gamers like this, but the fact that this moron is producing games like these is embarrassing for our entire industry. While we know this person is an outlier in our industry, Fox won’t report it as such, and we continue to be seen as violent, immature human beings. So lets be sensible and never dare to play a game like this, amen?

Source: [Kotaku]

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