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ONACON USB Device Allows for Special Gaming Stimulation


Lately its become clear that Western developers are taking the lead in the video game industry, consistently delivering incredible interactive experiences while Japanese IPs like Final Fantasy struggle to remain relevant. However the Japanese still have us beat in one gaming sector, with the release of USB sex toy ONACON proving that we've got a long way to go to best the perverted masterminds of Japan's burgeoning ero-gaming market.

This is probably the only angle of the device I can show without getting fired.

The ONACON is a USB-powered device much-reminiscent of popular American sex-toy: the Fleshlight. The comparison stops there however, as the ONACON has a variety of features which completely outclass its Western competition, including a special button for syncing your movements with that of the characters on-screen.

Also noteworthy is that the device is available in a bundle pack with popular ero-game “3D Custom Girl,” allowing players to craft their perfect girlfriend and arrange her in a variety of poses. One has to wonder whether the Playstation Move could've has more success had it come bundled with a similar piece of software.

Some users have commented that the unit can also be used to play first-person-shooters. Also, I'll be in my room playing Modern Warfare 3 for the next hour or so. Don't come in!

More details and pictures on Sankaku Complex (NSFW!)

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