On-disc DLC for Resident Evil 6 will be free

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Plenty of Resident Evil fans were quite upset when Capcom revealed that Resident Evil 6 included on-disc DLC. It can be considered a shady tactic, no doubt, and one that hasn't gained Capcom any favor following Street Fighter X Tekken.

The company previously stated that the method was used for Resident Evil 6 due to "technical reasons." It looks like disgruntled fans won't need to worry about paying for the on-disc DLC, though, as Capcom has announced that it'll be free to download once it launches.

The DLC, which will be released soon, includes the challenging No Hope difficulty as well as a new co-op option for Ada Wong's campaign, which was previously a solo affair. Last, the upcoming content update will also allow players to access Ada's campaign from the start rather than unlocking it by playing through the other three campaigns.

According to Capcom, the on-disc DLC is incomplete and requires a download in order for it to be playable. Paid DLC including new multiplayer modes will be offered as paid add-on content that's not included on the Resident Evil 6 disc.

Well, glad that's all cleared up. Now if only we could get an update to actually make Resident Evil 6 fun to play.

[Capcom Unity]

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