Olly Moss’ The Last of Us art shows a disgusting and beautiful infection

The Last of Us Screenshot - 1167721

Artist Olly Moss—best known for his collection of self-described video game doodles—in collaboration with Jay Shaw has given Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us a disturbingly pretty twist.

The print seen here was on display at Comic-Con, showing a colorful rendition of the game’s notorious fungal infection. Its many gradients and sharp divisions betray its medium, but the piece bears a strikingly pastel appearance, primarily thanks to its bright palette. The far less attractive infection site along the subject’s neck is a nice touch, and contrasts her extravagant head superbly. 

And I thought those art classes would never come in handy. 

Nevertheless, this is one clicker I’d rather not encounter. I wouldn’t know whether to gawk at its beauty or turn tail, and by the time I figured it out, I’d probably be a far less beautiful infectee myself. In any case, the piece would make a hell of a promo for the newly revealed The Last of Us movie.

For more of Olly Moss or Jay Shaw’s work, click those links you just read.

[via Destructoid]

Austin Wood
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