Old EA and EA Sports Servers to Shut Down

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EA recently reported that they would be shutting down servers for a number of games with online support. The publisher and developer of FIFA, Tiger Woods, and other popular sports franchises stated that it costs money to keep servers up and running, and with only 1% of the online gaming community behind older titles, EA and EA Sports decided to perform a number of service shutdowns. This isn't the first time EA has called it quits on a lengthy list of titles; online service for games that date back as far as 2005 all the way to 2009 has been taken down recently as well.

EA Sports games such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, NCAA Football 08, and Fight Night Round 3 will cease to offer online service in February and March later this year. Sports titles won't be the only games losing online service. The Sims Carnival will see the closure of its online server later this month (January 17 to be exact), and Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth along with its expansion pack The Rise of the Witch-King will no longer offer online features either.

The shutdown of these servers obviously affects online play, but it also means that achievements and trophies will no longer be available. So if you need to get some completist satisfaction and you own any of the games that EA is shutting down, be sure to tie up any and all loose ends within the next month or two.


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