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Old Republic Addressing Fan Complaints and Preparing for Launch


Stephen “Rockjaw” Reid, Community Manager for Star Wars: The Old Republic, has tweeted some updates and what to expect with upcoming changes to SWTOR.  He has said that their priority is catching up on fan based emails, forums complaints, and tweets. 

The two issues they are focusing on are the Taris ‘pending quest’ bug and the preparation of the Origin / CE issue update.  Despite the wild, popular, and possibly deserved backlash towards SWTOR’s customer support, it seems like they are trying.  The game is huge and there are LOTS of people excited to play it.  Since these earlier tweets, Reid has been responding to individual tweets.  With the official release tomorrow, maybe there is improvement on the horizon.  Here’s a hopin.

Today’s tweets are below: 

  • Good morning all. Priority this weekend was catching up on emails, priority today is more email and Forums. Back later. Big day!
  • PS - Working on every big issue you've tweeted about. More later.
  • Top two issues we're dealing with in-game - Taris and 'pending quests' bug. Also prepping update on Origin/CE issues.
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