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Okami’s iconic art comes to limited-edition prints


Developer Clover Studio (who went on to become Platinum Games) gave the PS2 era the avant-garde visuals it so desperately needed with Okami, an action-adventure title done up in a distinctly Eastern watercolor aesthetic. Today, art consultants and connoisseurs Cook & Becker are bringing that iconic style to your home.

The company has released a line of limited-edition prints taken from the game, all of which are based on original concept art. All prints are hand-numbered and feature the logos of both Clover Studio and Capcom, who published Okami.

Sun god Amaterasu is a prominent feature in the set, but the prints also feature to Susano and Orochi. Averaging $100 for roughly 352 square inches of art, the prints are available at Cook & Becker’s online store while supplies last.

C&B also have prints from Journey, BioShock Infinite, Mass Effect and many more games on display, many of which will take up far more of your wall (and leave a bigger dent in your wallet).

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Austin Wood
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